Posted: 11 Jul 2014

Recently, there's been an attack in Palestine.
And it killed the Hamas Military Chief.

You see, before this it never occurred in my mind about the Palestine-Israel war.
What is Zionis? What is Gaza? What is it all about?
All I know is, there is a war between this two people.
I don't know why the war start, who's involve or anything.
Well, that's all I know.

But after the recent attack on 15 November 2012, it makes me realized.

It hit me in the head and i cried to myself how foolish I am to realized it now.
It really did make me realized how the Palestinian suffer and still suffering.
How they live in fear.
How children at a very young age died because of bombs, rocket and more.

If the BULLETS and ROCKETS have life, and if they know that they are going to killed a children in Gaza, I'm sure they would pull the breaks and return back to their owner.

What can we do?
Just talk, crying or even cursing the Zionis wouldn't have any effect.
Well we can, pray for them - The Palestinian.
Because a mukmin weapon is DU'A.

O Allah, please save and protect them.
Give me the courage to support them.
Give them the strength that they need to fight this war.
We are Your servant and You are the Mighty One.

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